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They Suck and here’s why…

sounding board: A person or group whose reactions to an idea, opinion, or point of view serve as a measure of its effectiveness or acceptability.

They Suck is a consumer sounding board and multi-authored blog where anyone can share the sucky encounters they’ve had with any establishment, small or large. Ever had a run-in with lousy customer service? Ever been on hold for countless hours waiting for support? Questionable business ethics?  Politics driving you crazy?  We wanna know.

Browse through all of our featured They Suck moments or share your own -> Anyone can post their experiences in the forums – go on, tell us who sucks and why.

Disclaimer: Please note that views expressed via articles, commentary, and forum posts throughout They Suck might not represent the opinions of its administrators.

Quicklinks to different They Suck Forums:

Guess the Crime – the mugshot game! guess who did what…
Corporations – big business – large scale companies like banks, technology corporations, law firms, oil & gas industries, etc.
Retail – from town market to supermarket to retail chains and more
Technical Support – general discussion on support for tech products
Customer Service – general discussion on customer services provided before, during & after a purchase.
Miscellaneous – wanna share something that doesn’t fit into the categories above? post it here…
They Rock!!! – not everybody sucks, tell us who rocks!
SPAM – all things related to spam, spamming, and spammers
Political – for those politically inclined individuals who wanna vent about all things politics
As Seen On TV – need we say more? Uh, yes…
Non-Profits – discussion about all non-profits, the good and the bad
Cell Phones – gripes and praise for cell phones and cell phone carriers
Music – oh, you know you want to… c’mon, tell us who sucks here
Sports – The good teams, the bad ones

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